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Bio-based content> 97%
Easy to use
It can be used on most surfaces


ECO-DEG is an ecological water-based sanitizing agent and totally eco-friendly, recommended for the elimination of bacteria and mycetes from all surfaces.
ECO-DEG has been developed in research laboratories on the basis of needs of the market, which increasingly requires the use of eco-friendly substances, and has an innovative composition, unique in the specific sector, of natural and vegetable substances with a extremely high level of biodegradability.
ECO-DEG does not dissolve the dirt but breaks it down, applying a repulsive action that detaches it from the surfaces as well as preventing its regrouping.
ECO-DEG  finds a wide range of uses in various fields as it is non-toxic, noncorrosive, compatible with any material.
ECO-DEG is used for both air and surface sanitization.


It contains no toxic solvents, is not harmful and is classified as such:

  • Non-toxic
  • Stable at all working temperatures (>0°C)
  • Low level of non-ionic surfactants
  • Odorless
  • Non-foaming
  • Quickly and readily biodegradable (test performed according to OECD 301-B)
  • Not flammable
  • Non-irritating to skin (test carried out according to OECD 404)
  • Non-toxic to animals when given as a single oral dose (test according to OECD 401)
  • Non-irritating to eyes (test carried out according to OECD 401)
does not contain
  • Arsenicates, formaldehyde, iodine, mercury compounds, phenols, abrasives, free acids, colic ethers, soaps, free sodium or caustic potash, petroleum, distillates of any kind and sodium orthosilicates and contains less than 2% phosphates.

For a general description of the chemical and physical characteristics please refer to the Safety Data Sheet (MSDS).



  • 97%


• 0,02% ÷ 0,08%

• It degrades the substance to a molecular level


• 0,16% ÷ 1,1%

• Micro-waterproofs the micelles


• 0,15% ÷ 0,9%

• Stabilizes the molecules in emulsion


• 0,1%

• It has high bactericidal, germicidal and fungicidal activity.
Its action is attributed to the inactivation of enzymes that produce energy, the denaturation of cellular proteins and the breaking of the cell membrane.

WHY GO WITH eco-deg?

As reported by the Health Authority, the most effective method to eliminate viruses and bacteria is to keep the environment in which we live as “healthy” as possible using specific solutions with bactericidal, sanitizing and disinfectant action.
Thanks to its characteristics ECO-DEG can be used in indoor and outdoor environments. It offers solutions to sanitize all types of surfaces, medical or kitchen equipment, floors, bathing establishments, gardens, commercial premises, facilities, hotels, schools, banks, food industries, etc…


The components in the mixture in touch with oils and/or fats in liquid or gaseous phase, have a disruptive effect on the molecules, creating a repulsion between them.

This repulsion is also activated towards the surface with which the dirt is in contact. This action therefore tends to fragment the oil and/or grease-based component into individual particles, which can be easily removed from the cleaning machine’s thrust fluid, which is usually water or steam, or simply removed mechanically by rubbing a cloth or brush.

The disintegration action is immediate and its effectiveness is evident at a glance.

main uses/important areas of application
  • HOSPITALS, SCHOOLS, HOTELS, PUBLIC OFFICES, BANKS: it can be used for any floor, wood, plastic material, glass, carpet, for tiles, marble, or other critical materials, which is generally not possible when using aggressive detergents.
  • RESTAURANT: cleaning of spaces, ovens, frying devices, stoves, work tables, tools, knives, grills, suction systems, filters, steel tables, glass, windows, soils, walls, refrigerators, collection of grease containers, cutting tools, etc..
  • BALNEAR FACILITIES: ECO-DEG, being a non-polluting and non-foaming agent, can be used without rinsing both on the equipment (cots, changing rooms, toilets, etc.) and on the beach up to the shoreline.
  • ECO-DEG, being a non-aggressive agent, can be used in any plant in the food industry or in the kitchen without removing gaskets, plastics, glass, membranes or other critical items that are generally not compatible with the use of aggressive detergents.
  • SLAUGHTERHOUSES: cleaning and removal of grease, dust, cleaning the work environment, tools…
  • COLD CUTS PRODUCTION: odour neutralisation, cleaning of machinery, tools and the working environment, etc…
  • AGRICULTURE, ANIMAL PRODUCTION: cleaning of silos, milking equipment, treatment areas, tanks, cleaning the working environment, etc…
  • OIL PRESSING AND PRODUCTION: cleaning of production system, tanks, mixers, dispensers, maintenance area, etc..
  • POMACE PRODUCTION: cleaning plants, machinery, odour neutralisation.
  • MILK AND CHEESE PRODUCTION: degreasing of pipes, boilers, multi-purpose tanks, shapes, etc..
  • SUGAR PRODUCTION: molasses treatment and waste disposal.
  • PREPARATION OF FOOD: washing, degreasing, cleaning of installations, and silos, etc..
  • CONFECTIONERY INDUSTRY: cleaning and neutralization of odours, washing of mixers, cleaning of conveyor belts, cleaning of containers and moulds, cleaning of ovens and dryers, etc..
  • RAW MATERIALS STORAGE: systems for cleaning silos, emptying tanks, removing odours, cleaning tanks and tank wagons, etc..Any other area requiring oil removal, degreasing and sanitizing carried out with special care.



REGULAR CLEANING: spray or mist the product on the dirty surface, leave for a few seconds and remove using absorbent paper. Rinse if necessary.

DEEP AND INTENSIVE CLEANING: spray or mist directly on the dirty surface, leave ot act for a few seconds and brush the surface afterwards, the remove everything using absorbent paper or a cloth. Rinse if necessary.
The use of a high-pressure cleaner or steam machine is reccomended.

MACHINE CLEANING: use the product with a high pressure washing machine; set the dosage of the product according to the needs of the particular case (it is recommended to start from 10% and possibly reduce the concentration to the optional level). For a good result of the application, respect the application procedures in relation to the type of contamination to be treated. By using a pressure machine with hot water (minimum suggested temperature 60° centigrade) or a pressure machine with steam, it is possible to improve efficiency, obtaining time and financial savings.

CENTRALLY CONTROLLED WASHING SYSTEMS: according to the normale procedures applied, replacing ECO-DEG with the detergent in use wich must be mixed with the washing water, with dosages starting from 4% and increasing, depending on the nature of the impurity to be removed.

ODOURS OR DEGASIFICATION: product spraying inside the area to e treated through a ULV system. Calibration of the time and dosage of the product according to the needs of the particular case (min. 1% max 5% recommended).
The proper dosage depends on the characteristics of the contaminants.

Note: at the high tempeatures the product increases efficiency without losing its features.


The dosage depends on the rate of contamination.


See the note for the specific application.


Composition: water solution of natural components and non-ionic and cationic surfactants.

Appearance: colourless.

Odour: odourless.

Specific weight (at 20°C): 1,001

pH: 8

Health information: non-toxic agent according to OECD protocols.

Safety information: complies with the requirements of the REACH regulation.

Hazard: no symbol.

Incompatibility with other materials

Not known.

Handing and storage

Read the label and Safety Data Sheet for complete handling information before using or storing the product.
It is usually not mandatory to store it in a cool, ventilated area. It can also be stored outdoors at a temperature >4°C.

Ensure the container is hermetically sealed. Refer to the Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for complete instructions on medical characteristics.

Storage duration

With the storage conditions mentioned the expiration of the product in the warehouse will be 12 months after shipment from the factory.

Safety data sheet

The safety data sheet for this product is available on request.

To receive it please e-mail to


Products can be shipped in these packagings:

  • Plastic containers, 20lt. (PTE)
  • Plastic disposable drums, 205lt.
  • Tanks of 1000 lt. (OWT)
  • Tank container of 25.000 lt.
  • Loaded in tanker truck



The technical bulletins are updated quarterly.

Please contact our sales department to receive a copy and specify details regarding the applications.

For a general description of the chemical and physical characteristics refer to the MSDS.


All statements, technical information and recommendations contained in this document are based on tests carried out by Ecoenrgy2mme and other internationally accredited external laboratories. Ecoenergy2mme confirms that ECO-DEG products will be supplied to the customer without any defects. In the event that the delivered product is recognized as defective, Ecoenergy2mme undertakes to replace the product completely free of charge, through its own dealer, within one month from the date of receipt of the goods by the Buyer. Considering that the conditions of use of this product are beyond the Seller’s control, Ecoenergy2mme does not guarantee the final result. The Buyer may contact the Seller to carry out tests, completely free of charge, to verify the suitability of the products with regard to the application concerned and the guarantee of the final result.

The Buyer accepts all risks of the use and handling of this product and the company Ecoenergy2mme shall have no liability for any harm, loss or damage resulting from the use or inability to use the product. This product will be replaced if it has a manufacturing or packaging defect or if it is damaged (according to the above condition). With the exception of this replacement, Seller shall not be liable for any damage caused by this product or its use. The statements and recommendations given in this document are considered to be accurate at the time of publication.


No statement or recommendation that is not contained in this document will be valid or effective unless it is signed in a document written by a legal representative of Ecoenergy2mme.

Note: To receive the MSDS for your ECO-DEG product contact your local Ecoenergy2mme representative or visit

For emergency cases related to health or transport in connection with ECO-DEG products see details on the MSDS.

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For industrial use only.
Keep out of reach of children.

Keep the container sealed.
See the Safety Data Sheet for more information.

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