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Dispersants, Cleaners, Disruptors

The range of molecular disruptors with revolutionary formula belong to the Waterglass class and are the basic component of a whole series of products: non-toxic, biodegradable, non-flammable and stable at high temperatures. These characteristics make them very versatile and suitable for many applications, even in very heterogeneous and diversified contexts, fully respecting the environment.

Our products can:

  • Remove contaminants (hydrocarbons, heavy metals, volatile components) both at sea (or water in general) as well as on land.
  • Acting in concert with other technologies through chemical, physical and biological remediation techniques.

The products consist mainly of:




  • Wide range of use pH 8 – 12
  • Efficient removal of oils and fats
  • Deflocculant action
  • Chelating action
  • PH control
  • Chemical stabilization action
  • Protection against scale and corrosion
  • Disinfection

Do not contain:


Arsenicates, formaldehyde, iodine, mercury compounds, phenols, abrasives, free acids, colic ethers, soaps, free sodium or caustic potash, petroleum, distillates of any kind and sodium orthosilicates and contains less than 2% phosphates.

Characteristics and eco-compatibility:


Non contengono solventi tossici, non sono nocivi e sono classificati come segue:

  • They do not contain toxic solvents, are not harmful and are classified as follows:

  • odorless;

  • non-foaming;

  • readily and readily biodegradable (OECD 301B test);

  • not irritating to the skin (test carried out according to OECD 404);

  • non-toxic to animals when administered as a single dose by the oral route (test according to OECD 401);

  • Not irritating to eyes (test according to OECD 401);

  • non-flammable.